Marrakesh Inspiration Trip

Spending post Christmas and New Year in Marrakesh with my bestie was an absolute dream and helped me to reset for 2023.  The landscapes, colours, smells and symbols made up a rich tapestry of fresh inspiration. Can't wait to inject it into our new pieces and shoots!

I encourage all of you to visit somewhere new to reset and get inspired anytime you're feeling tired, overwhelmed or stuck to get a fresh perspective.   Even in your own city its so easy to stick to the same places and just a short train away can be a welcome change of scene.

The narrow terracotta walkway in the photo shown above with light pouring in felt like a symbol of new energy pouring in.

Natalie xx

 I love beautiful doorways, they always feel magical to me and this moon one below was no exception. Ultimate cosmic dream door!
Eye symbols were everywhere in Marrakesh.  This mirror provided the perfect place for a Capsule Eleven selfie layered in our jewels.
The ancient Moroccan Berber jewellery was incredible, I could have delved amongst it for weeks.  This vintage capsule amulet was obviously a firm favourite.  A sharp contrast to our contemporary pieces, new structures and ways to engrave are giving me a lot of new ideas for the follow up piece!
Draped in oversized Berber capsules I love the scale contrast to our doubled up rosary necklace and capsule crystal pendant.  I can see a plan for a giant capsule forming and love the idea of this as future homeware which has to happen!