Precious Metals & Alloys

We want you to be able to understand every element of your Capsule Eleven piece, from the symbology through to its materials composition. Each of our pieces are made using one of the below metal ingredients.

Recycled Brass and Sterling Silver
All of our brass and sterling silver is recycled metal, a small step towards a more sustainable future. This means that no new metals have been used to produce the pieces, helping to save valuable raw material reserves. The silver and brass composition is exactly the same in recycled metals as it is for new metal.

Sterling Silver
All pieces that have a sterling silver base, whether that’s a silver-plated item, a gold-plated item, or a gold vermeil item (all of which are explained in more detail below). Sterling Silver is stamped with the alloy mark 925 to prove its metal authenticity: 925 means it is 92.5% pure silver. Traditional pure silver is too soft for jewellery making, so sterling silver was created and mixed with a very small amount of other metal alloys for strength and durability.

Gold Vermeil
The base of gold vermeil is re-cycled sterling silver. The silver is then plated with a thick 2.5 microns of real 18ct gold layered on top via electroplating which allows the gold to adhere to the base metal more effectively. This makes the piece extra durable and the gold last longer.

18ct Gold-plated
The base of gold-plating is either recycled brass or recycled sterling silver. The silver or brass is then plated with 1 micron of real 18ct gold layered on top via electroplating. None of our gold-plated items are ‘flash-plated’, ‘dipped’, or “gold-tone” , they have a thicker layer of real 18ct gold to ensure they last the test of time.

Sterling Silver-plated
In the same way as our gold-plated pieces, rhodium is electroplated onto a brass or sterling silver base which helps with anti-tarnishing. Rhodium is one of the of the six platinum group metals, rarer than platinum, and is classified as a noble metal in that it does not react to oxygen or corrode easily.

Semi-precious Stones
All of our semi-precious stones are natural so there will be beautiful variation in colour as mother nature intended, that means a stone can look slightly different from the product picture. We recommend you remove all your jewellery if doing any sports or heavy labour, as natural stones may chip if you knock them.

Stainless Steel
Some of our pieces are made in stainless steel for the purpose of their functionality. Stainless steel is the best metal for containing liquid as it has the unique ability to resist corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage. This is why we have used stainless steel for our signature hex capsule. Stainless steel is also more robust for mechanisms that move and unscrew, and will not erode over time in the same way as softer metals like 925 silver.

Our jewellery is free from all nickel as we want to protect our customers from any allergic reaction.