All sterling silver and brass pieces are made from recycled metals.

All of our packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

The Design Process:
The Capsule Eleven design process involved creating pieces that are intended to last, transcending seasons and trends and become part of the wearer's signature style. We hope that our items will be either worn or beautifully displayed and treasured within their wearer's home for years to come.

The sculptural pieces have been handcrafted in wax by the designer and founder before making into metal, in order to determine brand suitability, wearability, and to reduce sampling.

Each range will be made in small runs or pre-sold to help limit waste, and over time items will be evaluated to earn their place as brand signatures which will continue to run and be updated seasonally. Elements of the range will be available made-to-order in real gold and jewels, in London, to further minimise waste and overstock, while giving our customer a bespoke brand experience.